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Who We Are

CHILDREN-Nepal (CN) is a non-profit civil society organization which is also Fair Trade Guaranteed  organization that works to promote the rights, welfare and development of children, youth, and their families living on the margins of society. CN works directly with children, youth and their families by offering programs and services

Upcoming Events



Opening ceremony of Fulbari Resource Center

Cordially invite you as our guest on the special occasion of opening ceremony of Fulbari Resource Center by Chief Minister of Gandaki Province Honorable Prithivi Subba Gurung to be held at the following date, time & venue.




Opening ceremony of Fulbari Resource Center

Six wooden House of Children Nepal at  Fulbari Resource Center, Liwade, Annapurna Village Municipality was inaugurated  by Madam Nardevi Pun, 

Our Works

School Inclusion

CN provides social and financial support for children from the ‘untouchable’ caste and disadvantaged origin

Child Sponsorship Programme

Child Sponsorship Programme is run with the aim of supporting children without sufficient resources to attend

Family Service

Family is the foundation of child. So CN is empowering families for their livelihood, resolving conflicts and working

Family Self Help-Cooperative

Family Support Programme consists of self-managed Parent Groups that meet regularly and provides support for families with income generation

Income Generation Programme

Income Generation Programme provides small loans to families living in very difficult circumstances. The loans are used to help the family set up

Family Healthcare

CN provides family members with healthcare support including first aid, health check-ups and emergency hospital care. Many families may

Work with