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About Us

CHILDREN-Nepal (CN) is a non-profit and non-government organization that works to promote the rights, welfare and development of children and youth living on the margins of society. CN works directly with children, youth and their families by offering programs and services that help them break away from the effects of discrimination, exploitation and violence based on their caste, disability, gender and/or social status.

CN was founded in 1995 by a group of Nepali professionals who had grown up in discriminative, violent and exploitative conditions. They were concerned about the number of children living on the margins of society with their families unable to provide material needs such as shelter and health care and emotional support, security and encouragement because of their own difficult childhood. At that time, many children unable to receive adequate education or the opportunity to attend school had not been reached by any social institutions. As a result, many of these children were (and continue to be) exploited, exposed to violence and crime, and suffering from physical and/or mental health problems.

Throughout the years, CN has strived to help children, youth and their families. With its own facilities, the organization has grown into a resource center for people and other organizations who want to work with children and youth in difficult circumstances.

a society where children enjoy their rights. Realizing this vision means overcoming huge and complex challenges in Nepal. CN’s strategic plan to 2017 sets the rights of children at the centre of change.

– Preparation and execution of projects by mobilizing national organizations and international relationships.
– Fulfillment of the national need for child rights throughout the country by mobilizing the multi-expertise of executive committee members and developing required policies and monitoring and evaluation systems.
– Production of handicraft products based on national and international Fair Trade market demands.
– Assistance for target groups to access services and facility through cooperation.
– Efficient mobilization of economic, physical and human resources, and when necessary, advocacy for external resources.
– Advocacy and lobbying for the rights of children, youth and women at the organizational, local and national levels.


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