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Suryamukhi Handicrafts

Suryamukhi Handicrafts is an income generating program of CN for socially and economically marginalized women that offers handicraft skills training and is guided by Fair Trade principles and practices.
Since 1999, Suryamukhi Handicrafts has been striving to empower disadvantaged and low-income women by way of developing their vocational skills in sewing and embroidery. The women of Suryamukhi Handicrafts have an opportunity to earn a fair wage and improve the quality of life for themselves and their families. This allows them to become self-reliant and move up from the margins of society.
Since 2003, CN that runs Suryamukhi Handicrafts has been a registered member of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) and Fair Trade Group Nepal (FTGN). WFTO and FTGN are networks that provide Suryamukhi Handicrafts with a platform for social support and resources for producers, important trade connections all over the world and a strong voice for the move towards more sustainable patterns of production and consumption.
To help contribute to inclusive and sustainable development projects in Nepal, women at Suryamukhi Handicrafts receive free skills training at the CN premises and are then hired as handicraft producers. In addition to receiving fair wages and working in a safe environment, the women benefit from emotional encouragement and support from staff and co-workers, which help increase their self-confidence. The women’s families are also supported through the many social programs and resources of CN.

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